Roberto Laneri



A jazz quartet with Giuppi Paone (voice), Stefano Diotallevi (pianoforte), Alessandro Del Signore (double bass)

I founded this quartet beginning 2016, with the aim to both realize new compositions and to revisit old ones dating back to the seventies. The common ground of this repertory, a very personal and almost “daily” type of composition, free from occasions, commissions and deadlines, is the belonging, although in diverse and roundabout ways, to the area of jazz music. We know that the roads to jazz are almost infinite: in my case all the “different” musics I have met and sometimes practiced go from European classical music to American minimal music, from the Northern Indian tradition to Australian aboriginal music, extending to any music from any time and any part of the world which for any reason has struck my ears. The music of WINDS OF CHANGE is not meant for everybody, but comes alive with few precious partners who are able to exercise their freedom of expression, in my opinion, the authentic jazz spirit. (R.L.)