Roberto Laneri



Overtone singing group, musical direction by Roberto Laneri.

“In the Heaven of Indra there is said to be a network of pearls so arranged that if you look ot one you see all the others reflected in it.”

Overtone singing is a body of vocal techniques which share the peculiarity of making the overtones of a fundamental sound clearly perceivable. The best known techniques come from central Asia, however it is possible they were once spread throughout the world. Used since time immemorial in shamanistic, ritual and self-realizations contexts, they have been rediscovered and divulged in the West by contemporary musicians since the end of the sixties, thus re-opening the gates of a world in which acoustic, geometric, mathematical and philosophical values are brought together in the form of sound. In the Heaven of Indra is the audible risult of a project in overtone singing in continuous evolution, to be experienced not only as a “concert” but rather as a “harmonic event”. The group’s program consists of originals by Roberto Laneri (ARKEION; ORGANUM; OLD MEN’S TALES; UNDIFLUUS) and of traditional pieces especially re-arranged (HUT SONG,a pigmy chant; TEL RIT, by Guillaume de Machaut).