Roberto Laneri











BLUME – 2023  








Painting by Noura Tafeche – 2022














Rome, Fall 1973, vinyl and CD, 2020








Maria Jolanda Masciovecchio, Roberto Laneri, 2019








C00051, November 2017








PRIMA MATERIA (Die Schachtel, December 2016)

PRIMA MATERIA (Die Schachtel, December 2016)


… a stunning deluxe double-LP boxed edition, complete with a 4-page explanatory booklet, a 16-pages “Mandala” booklet designed by Dinamomilano and inspired by the group’s references and philosophy, custom inner sleeves with original photos printed in silver on deluxe coated paper, and of course two hi-quality vinyl records pressed in Germany.




The Tail of the Tiger

Prima Materia – The Tail of the Tiger (Die Schachtel – 2005)


“As is the case with La Monte Young’s Theater of Eternal Music, David Hyke’s Harmonic Choir and Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening Band, Roberto Laneri has had a life long penchant for the droning mysteriosa of the Sound Current and with the Prima Materia ensemble he has expressed it in a disciplined, expansive and singular way.” Terry Riley, 2005.




Breath (Terre Sommerse – 2014)


BREATH is a double CD documenting two phases, both different and complementary, of Roberto Laneri’s activity.
The first CD is the recording of a solo recital by Roberto Laneri in Rome, 2010, at the Casa Scelsi museum. The second CD is another live recording, this time of In forma di cristalli, the overtone singing group founded by Roberto Laneri which enlists vocalists from Rome and Florence. Actress Ilaria Drago joins them with her narrating voice, of excerpts from Il sogno 101, an important text by composer Giacinto Scelsi.



Memorie dal Sottosuolo

Memorie dal Sottosuolo (M.A.P. – 2013)


The Dostoyevskyan title hints to all sorts of underworlds, musical and otherwise, which this music contacts. The only word I can find for this music is psychedelia. Music which develops according to the psyche’s not always linear detours and twistings, bypassing and re-mixing styles, structures and cultures.





Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey (Terre Sommerse – 2011)


“Your record is a great clever madness which succeeds in mixing the impossible: jazz, opera, world music, classical music, tribal music. Most important, your music is free in your heart.” (Fran Muñoz Antón, programming director, CANAL 9 RADIO, LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA – ESPAÑA)




Escher (Terre Sommerse – 2012)

Roberto Laneri – Saxes
Fabio Sartori – Piano





Memories of the Rain Forest

Memories of the Rain Forest (Amiata Records – 1994)


I don’t know what Africa is really saying to me, yet she speaks.






Inside Notes

Inside Notes (EDT – 2001)

Roberto Laneri – Canto armonico, composizione.
Claudio Ricciardi – Didjeridoo.
In Forma di Cristalli – Canto armonico.
Prima Materia – Canto armonico.

…here the depths of singing and of harmonic sound speak, or rather are heard. To know how to capture the inner beauty embedded in the fundamentals is an experience perhaps uncommon, and yet universal. (Gino Dal Soler, World Music, n. 50,September 2001)



Two Views of the Amazon

Two Views of the Amazon (Wergo – 1985, vynil)








Anadyomene (Ismez/Polis Music – 1987)








Invocationes, in Von der Flut, De Campo Record 0001, 1988 (ripubblicato dal doppio LP dallo stesso titolo Eigelstein LC6767, 1985)

Dhaulajiri, Stazione Termini in Pioggia nel Deserto, Artis ARCD 019, 1989

Song of Middle Space n. 2, Aria, in Nuove Forme Sonore, Edipan Pan 3024, 1990

Bones I e II, in Il Trombone, RCA CCD 3003, BMG Ariola, 1991

Postludio, in Storie, musiche e canzoni, Stile Libero SLCD 1018, 1991

The Brick Wall, The Eye of the Misty Satellite, Old Pictures, Shanai, Old Sorcery, in Old Pictures, Matilda Mothers, LSD AL666, 1991

Master of the Depth part I, Waterpictures, in Life Needs a Melting Scarecrow, Matilda Mothers, LSD AL999, 1992

In Form of Flying Carpet, in Il Clarinetto, RCA, CCD 3008, BMG Ariola, 1992

Estampie, in Desert Rain, DR CD-001, 1994

Music for Todo Modo, in Charles Mingus, Cumbia e Jazz Fusion, Rhino Records 8122-71785-2, 1994 (ripubblicato dallo LP Atlantic 1978)

Picture Man, South, When Love Is Sleeping, in Songs in a Dream, M.A. P. L.T. CD 0113, 1994

Half Moon Dance, Soul Pathways, in Euphonia-Global Motion, Tweedle Music TWDCD 283, 1994

Victoria, in Italy, Italia!, GarMusic GAR 006, 1994

Magna Grecia, Rosa del Deserto, in Lux Oriens, Tito Rinesi, Iktius IKT 508, 1997

Salomè, Danza delle Spade, La via del cuore, in Il Tempo è circolare, Tito Rinesi, Pioggia Record, PR 02, 1998

Tribal one, in Entròpia, Imaginary Solutions, [e003(CD)], 1998

Vaj, in Projekt Jon, Forrest Hill LHM PR 20, 2000

Aria, Terra, Acqua e Fuoco, in Il Bestiario, Maria Monti, RI FI RDZ-ST 14245, 1974

Ti ricordi Nina, Dulcinea, in Muraglie, Maria Monti, IT ZPLT 34002, 1977

The Family and the Fishing Net, in Peter Gabriel IV, Charisma 6302 201, 1982 (ripubblicato su CD)

Circles III, in Night Flights, Christina Kubisch, Auf dem Nil DMM 004 R

Andar 1A, Fula 1A, Te-eesa 1A, Suca 2A , in Tunedless 2, Roberto Donnini, Lynx Records Z 00188, 1985-87

“Patmos”, in Mare Nostrum di Tito Rinesi, III Millennio, CDM 170, 2003