Roberto Laneri



A performance to view and listen to by:
Roberto Laneri (music, soprano sax, voice)
Alberto Tessore (multivision)


Two Views, originally a commission of RIAS-Berlin radio station, belongs to a series of pieces which bring the undertitle “neither compositions neither improvisations”, in which live overtone singing interacts with prerecorded backgrounds of such complexity that cannot be memorized, a map which actually coincides with the territory. The risult is an ever-changing, and yet structured, journey. In this case the background is composed of only vocal sounds. The images point to the cosmic chords embedded in the zodiac.


A piece for soprano saxophone and Indian memories, freely inspired to the dialog between Shiva and his female counterpart Devi in the ancient tantric treatise Vijñanabhairava Tantra. The overall sonority and the choice of peculiarly satisfying intervalsi contribute to an atmosphere of total sonorous sensuality.


Alberto Tessore’s multivision illuminates the musical journey and amplifies it into an imaginary ambience, a geography of sound not any less real than the physical one. In fact, Memories’ point of departure (a word to be undertood in the sense of genetic and archetypal “memory banks”, rather than as personal recollections) comes from the author’s long times spent in various states of consciusness in the Mirrored Room, by conceptual artist Nicholas Samaras, in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. Many years later, in Australia, composer and didjeridoo player Ron Nagorcka took me to a real rain-forest. The feeling of being immersed in a gigantic kaleidoscope, a true consciousness accelerator in which nature’s fractal structures and the strangest sonorous echoes blended together into a strong synesthetic experience brought back the original experience, yet amplified and even more absorbing. I hope this music and the accompanying images may trigger similar or equivalent memories: for instance I remember the audience at the Festival d’Automne in Paris l’82 who at the end of the piece, hearing refreshing rain-sounds, opened their umbrellas in a true hypnotic trance.